payroll Services

Payroll Peace of Mind For Your Business of 1 to 1000.

Personalized Payroll Service:

  • your employees are paid each pay period on time, accurately, conveniently, electronically, securely through direct deposit
  • your federal and state payroll taxes are paid on time
  • your payroll returns are filed on time with no payroll penalties, no payroll return errors and if there are, I pay these for you
  • no need to hire a part/full time employee (saves you wage & payroll tax expenses)
  • your employees have a secure payroll portal, accessible 24/7
  • you have your secure payroll portal accessible 24/7

All this while you are building your business or taking a vacation.

We can help alleviate your payroll burdens instantly! It would be our pleasure to service all your payroll needs. We can help businesses from 1 to 1000 employees. 

Like to get started right away with "Payroll Peace of Mind"? Call us: 815-893-0736.

Client Testimonial

“I don’t know where to begin to thank you. You truly saved me and my business. I’m ashamed of myself that it took me so long to seek someone like yourself out to be a better fit for me and my business. The time you met with me on Tuesday made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I appreciated all the return phone calls and especially the guide. I look forward to uploading Quickbooks and working with it to help me in more ways than I know. Thank you and everyone in the office who assisted you with my mess. I can’t thank you enough.”  RCW Client

Goodbye, Payroll Hassles- Hello, Business gRowth!


Personalized Payroll Service

When you partner with RCW  for your payroll needs, you’ll receive personalized service from a team of dedicated payroll specialists and online access to your payroll information. And you’ll be assured of the highest level of data security and confidentiality because our firm stands behind our services. Call us at 815-893-0736 to get started.

Affordable Care Act Reporting

Since tax compliance is our main business function, you can rely on us to provide timely submissions to the Internal Revenue Service. In addition, we will also handle the preparation of 1095Cs for individual employees.

Why Wait Another Day?

You Save—Time and resources

Your Clients Get—Reliable payroll services 

Everyone Benefits—From a designated processor 

Our payroll offering includes the following services: 

  • Accurate payrolls delivered on time Direct deposit 
  • Federal and state tax filings 
  • Private, secure online portal for entering time  and printing checks 
  • Private, secure online payroll portal for  employees to view pay stubs
  • Your choice of 16 payroll reports on demand 
  • Your logo on the checks 
  • ACA reporting and filing 
  • Automatic new hire reporting

Save Time and Effort With Our Payroll Services

In no time at all, you’ll discover how easy and convenient it is to use our payroll services.  You’ll eliminate the hassle of payroll, which will allow you to focus on managing and growing your business. 

You will experience the convenience of self-service tools, including online data entry and direct access to paystubs, W-2s and W-4s. You will no longer have to worry about compliance or risk, because we’ll be handling your quarterly payroll tax filling and delivery of your W-2s, 1099s and 1095Cs. Call us at 815-893-0736 to get started.

We Make It Easy For You

Our clients depend on us for many services that make their businesses run efficiently. Using the most advanced solutions, we can help you with all your payroll needs by providing you with comprehensive options that are easy, convenient, accurate, timely and secure. 

Online Payroll Data Entry 

  • Enter payroll data quickly and easily— anytime, anywhere. 
  • Give Employees Online Access to Key Documents—pay stubs, W-2s, and W-4 information—24/7. 
  • Direct Deposit- Simplify payroll for employees. 
  • Print Paychecks- Print payroll checks from your own printer. You save time and delivery costs. 
  • Pay Cards- For employees who don’t have checking accounts. 
  • Tax Compliance- Don’t worry about timely submissions and preparation of tax compliance forms—we’ll handle this for you.